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Dose not work

I have spent the last hour and a half trying to watch a 45 minute episode and still have 15 minutes left. Buffer issues. Commercials repeat over and over or freeze. I have to exit the app and reload the episode and then watch the commercials again. This app is a pile of garbage. I would not even use this app but my directv package does not have The CW in HD. Does not work well with Apple TV. Each commercial kicks you out of the video vie and then reloads. Update: just exited out and resumed my show for the 8th time. I got through the 6 commercials and it resumed 30 seconds before the commercial break (I had just sat though). Not the show has frozen yet again. So in the last 20 minutes I have not watched anything but commercials over and over. Update: ads spent even play right. Watching and episode of a show. Ads flash a freeze frame on screen then a freeze frame of the next and so on. Then a total different episode starts playing. How come the number 18 network has such a bad app? The appleTV app is even worse. If you rewind to a point before a commercial break it will jump to the previous commercial and make you watch it. App time out when paused for more then a few minutes and you have to go back to show and resume. And it jumps you a head by 4 minutes. Some times when you exit the app the audio of what you were watching keeps playing. Total amateur hour.

App and content are great

12/19/16 version works great on iPad Pro with iOS 10.2. Apple TV app works great as well. Enjoy The CW content, no cable subscriber ID required!

Whats the point?

App closes Every single time I try to watch something. Anything. And only last five episodes? What if I see a new show I like, but I cant watch from beginning? (If only the videos would play

Needs stability work

There are a lot of connectivity kinks that need work. Advertisements take too long to load or freeze the application up entirely, especially when used with chrome cast. Sometimes audio errors such as muffled sound or buzzing transfer from. Commercials into show content. With some effort you can get through their shows. If youre willing to be patient and reload frequently.

Where is it?

It doesnt show up on my Apple TV. I try to opt for tech support on my phone and it kicks me out!

Hate this app

Boy do I hate this app. It is impossible to search for and locate what I would like to watch. Let alone the ridiculous number of commercials.


Only compatible with ios9. Other previous versions do not work.


Keeps crashing

All these network apps are the same

If we already pay for the network through our capable package then we should be able to watch any episode of any season of any show. Ridiculous how they give you random episodes from random seasons, and then only offer like 10 random episodes/show.

My problem is...

people complain about the commercials & it only having the latest 5 episodes but what do you expect, its a free app! i love the app on my phone, apple tv, and roku my issue is on my ipad. whenever i try to watch anything it goes to my home screen. no message no anything the app just crashes. ive keep it for a while and through all the updates still hasnt fixed this problem

Good but...

Good app but man is it painful to watch the same 5 commercials 5 times in one episode thats already 45 minuets long. Then to do it all over again (when catching up on shows) it gets hard to watch after a while.

Commercials overload

I got this app to catch 4 episodes that I had missed. The reason Im giving it 2 stars is because it was the only way to see those 4 episodes. Otherwise, it would be 1 star. I get that its a free app, but there are more commercials per episode than watching it on TV, and its the same commercials over and over. Deleting now.

Doesnt work

Every time I click on an episode to watch it, the app quits. Its very disappointing.

Every thing is wrong

This app does not deserve a star anymore before it uses to be really good and every thing use to work well now when I go on the app the only thing I can do is see the different videos because every time I try to watch something, it just crash that is literally every single time. So I havent been able to watch any trials or videos for the shows I watch.

Please stop with the app

Just offer your own streaming service like your parent company CBS is doing. Make the investment and ditch the cable companies because a lot of your audience has already done it. Ive binge watched a lot of your series on Netflix, but have to wait almost a year for the current season to become available. This free app with limited content is like a half hearted attempt. Go the full mile, people will pay because you guys have good shows :)


This app crashes nonstop I am unable to watch anything


Is this only MY problem? I can not load the app ,Search or anything. Is it limited for just some countrys?


Remove the commercials, theyre the same over and over and interrupt the show so much. Hate it.


The shows are great... however I understand watching the commercials every once in a while, but every time I rewind it a little or fast forward it.. I get commercials that I have to watch and it super bothersome... please limit commercials to only every 10 minutes or something


Why are you guys going to take Iris off the show? Pay her some more money, its not right, she is the first black superhero girlfriend. And she should at least have little flash and they should be allowed to marry. And build a life. Let this thing they got together work out. Dont kill her, she is a really great actress. Take the fake HR and bring the real Doctor Harry.

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